Taking a class with a potential partner?

Taking a class with your partner.Taking is a class is not only a great way to get to know someone, but to truly see if you are compatible with that person on a variety of levels.
It will challenge your relationship in a way that going out to dinner will not. Look, anyone can be prince (or princess) charming on a dinner date. It isn’t that difficult to make reservations and put on a show for someone. However, in taking a class (such as yoga or Krav Maga) that will challenge your mind, body spirit you are really testing and evaluating what this person is “made of” and whether or not this is someone you want to be your long term partner.
Doing these activities allows you to see how your potential partner will do out of their comfort zone. It is important to recognize early on if your partner is resilient, patient, able to tolerate anger/frustration and willing to take on new challenges. If you want to build a life with someone, wouldn’t you want to know if they are going to quit when the going gets tough? Someone who quits a Krav Maga class because it is challenging for them is not going to be the person who hangs around when you have overdrawn from the checking account, the baby is crying or you’ve had a particularly stressful day at the office.
In life (especially if you want to have a family) you will be confronted with many challenging situations that will require your partner to have some of the qualities mentioned above.
In addition to recognizing a variety of qualities in your partner, taking a weekly class can increase the bonding experience. On a chemical level exercise and activities such as yoga have been found to increase the hormone Oxytocin (often referred to as the love hormone) which can in turn increase and enhance the bonding experience. On a practical level assisting someone in getting into a pose or simply meditating together can be an intimate activity leading to emotional and physical compatibility.

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