Psychotherapy allows you to better understand yourself and others, leading to greater satisfaction in all aspects of life—in work, love, family and play. Barbara invites you to explore the real change that can come from meaningful psychotherapy by engaging in a discussion about your life and how you are living it.

The goal is to live life in a more mindful way, to interact with others meaningfully and to develop yourself in a conscious, thoughtful manner. Barbara would like to help you to explore ways to create the solutions you want and achieve more fulfillment out of life.

Treatment is offered for a wide range of emotional issues and concerns such as:

• relationship issues
• parenting issues
• stress
• eating disorders/body image/weight loss
• attention deficit disorders
• child and adolescent issues
• prenatal-perinatal attachment/postpartum depression
• low self-esteem
• anxiety/OCD
• depression
• Autistic Spectrum Disorders

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