On Tweens Playing Video Games

By barbara

April 15, 2013 Family Tweens No comments

Video games should be enjoyed in moderation.

Video games should be enjoyed in moderation.

It is ok to allow your tween to play video games. Video games should be permitted when a parent deems appropriate. The frequency should be time limited (e.g. one to two days a week for no more than one hour at a time) and should only be permitted when your tween has completed all responsibilities such as homework and/or chores. Each video game that is purchased should be approved by a parent and parents need to take the time to research and/or watch the video game to decide whether or not it is appropriate for their child. When deciding whether or not your child should play a particular game, please keep these tips in mind.

1. Evaluate whether or not the content is age appropriate.
2. Decide what the benefits or potential harm could be in playing a particular video game.
3. Decide whether or not you want your child to learn the skills that a particular game teaches (yes, parents your children are learning skills while playing video games).
4. Evaluate what your child is being exposed to. If this video was a movie, would you permit them to watch it?
5. Keep siblings in mind as well. Remember that although your older one is playing the game, your younger one may be watching.

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