Why Complaining really doesn’t work

By barbara

April 8, 2013 Depression No comments

ComplainingWe often complain to one another because it feels good to feel as if we are understood and to feel that someone else can experience something similar to what we are experiencing. No one ever wants to feel alone with their problems or feelings. Complaining is a way of bonding with someone and developing a type of intimacy within the relationship. However, complaining creates a pseudo-bonding that is actually non-produtive and sometimes destructive to the relationship. When two people are complaining to one another you are sharing and existing in a negative state of mind. It is rare that in this state of mind one will come up with a productive solution to the problem at hand. A better solution is taking your complaints to a trusted professional, who is in a positive/rational and centered state of mind to assist you in sorting out the problems that lead to your complaints.

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