Film & TV Evaluation

*Lead Psychological Consultant for BBC America’s premier of “Rude Awakening-Obesity”, Barbara Neitlich follows up with participant Cathie Hayes.

Reality shows, documentaries, film and television often want to portray characters with deeply rooted and complex psychological issues. Manifesting an accurate portrayal of characters relies on having an expert weigh in on behaviors and mindset. Barbara has extensive experience working with major studios and production facilities on script analysis and consultation to help develop realistic motivations, character development and psychological themes for plot lines and story beats. Her insight and background have helped screenwriters and producers to develop realistic portrayals of complex psychological issues ranging from obesity and depression to more extreme pathology such as sociopaths, homelessness and addiction.

Additionally, industry professionals have worked with Barbara to screen candidates for reality shows and documentaries. She provides full therapeutic evaluation and background reviews helping to match ideal candidates for any project. She also provides extensive post-project care including recommendations to align appropriate therapeutic services. In addition, Barbara has worked with writers to enable them to overcome psychological and emotional blocks, while increasing creativity and production.

Barbara has consulted on projects with a diverse range of issues including:

  • how therapy works
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • child abuse/neglect
  • body image issues/anorexia/bulimia/obesity
  • mood disorders
  • relationship issues
  • Autism/special needs
  • personality disorders
  • trauma/PTSD
  • domestic violence
  • children’s programming

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